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Obama appointments: A return to science? But what will they mean for industry?

Many are touting Obama’s Environmental appointments as a return to science-based decisions making, but little is being said about how those appointed will work with industry to achieve ambitious environmental goals.

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Wrapping It Up For the Holidays


Carol Singer Neuvelt

From Black Friday to today’s Cyber Monday, our consumption and spending greatly increase this time of year. This post-Thanksgiving focus on purchasing, spending and “doing” has highlighted the fact that our personal choices DO make a difference.

Professionally, we focus on processes & creating systems that allow us to measure our progress. As the saying goes, “What gets measured; gets managed.”  So on a personal front, I ask “how do I measure the impacts of my decisions?”

Looking to have a bit of fun with this, the staff at NAEM researched a number of the carbon footprint calculator sites to measure impact. We had mixed results and were surprised to see that very few of the calculators took into account anything beyond utilities and transportation.

Here’s a selection of sites with different methodologies.  I’d like your opinion from the perspective of EHS & Sustainability managers who measure and manage every day.  Take a look at these sites and share what you found most surprising. Did ordering take-out three nights a week greatly increase your footprint – just like it did to mine? Did your utility usage count for almost nothing compared to the impact of your daily commute? Which sites are your favorites (NAEM definitely has a few!) and which ones will you share with your peers & family?

Finally, how do these calculators influence you as you’re revving up to buy & wrap your holiday gifts?


December 1, 2008 at 4:32 pm 3 comments

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